Friday, February 4, 2011

Surprise Inspiration!

I was tidying up our bedroom this past weekend (stop looking so surprised, mom--it happens occasionally!) and I realized I may have had some subconsious inspiration when it came to the color palette for our master bedroom:

That orange-y color and rusty red are pretty much the exact colors that I've already used in our bedroom.  Since the photo of our bed was taken, I've added new sheets and a neck pillow that I already had.  I'd like to paint the walls with Martha Stewart's Sharky Gray (shown below), add an interesting piece of art or mirror above the headboard, swap out the existing lampshades for black ones, and add an interesting lamp on Chris's dresser (using the one shown below as inspiration).  Adding some sage green trim to the dust ruffle would pull in some of the green from the teacup and we'll be in business!

Cadiz Lamp, $350; Antique Hanging Mirror, $399; jewelry box makeover shown here

Just goes to show you can find color inspiration almost anywhere!

Anyway, as far as this weekend goes, although I'd love to paint our bedroom, I'm actually hoping to do some painting in the hallway and/or entryway.  But before I do anything, I need to feel a bit better first.  I think I'm starting to get whatever cold/flu bug has been making the rounds lately, so it could just be a weekend of rest, reading, and lots of hot tea.

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