Monday, June 30, 2008

Al Gore, Eat Your Heart Out

In general, I wouldn't say that Chris and I are die-hard environmentalists, but we do like to at least be semi-concious about the things we buy, what they're made of and packaged in, and how we can be less wasteful. We do what we can here and there and that includes making small changes when they're within a price-point that seems reasonable.

So, anyway, I recently found these toothbrushes on a blog somewhere in the world wide internets (can't remember where) and they looked cool, so I bought some at Trader Joe's. Amazon has them for $17.93 for six (about $3 a piece--comparable to other toothbrushes, I think) and Trader Joe's also sells them for about $2.50 apiece.

The handles are made out of 100% recycled materials, mostly recycled yogurt cups. And they're totally recyclable when you're done too--you just send them back in a little pre-paid envelope and the company recycles them. The company also makes razors, which I'll have to look into when I'm done with my Costco-sized quantity of razor blades.

Anyway, if that isn't all tree-huggery enough for you, we've also been using this:

Tom's of Maine Cinnamon-Clove toothpaste. It tastes pretty good, although I actually think I like their Fennel flavor just a bit better. It's very fennel-y. It's a nice change from regular old mint toothpaste.

Okay, off the high horse for now.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Happy Accident

The above shoes? They're mine. You like them? So do I. You know that thing that cats do when the rub their cheek next to something to mark it with their scent glands? Well, I did that.

I was originally going to order the shoes that I had posted in my summer wishlist. Actually, I thought I did order them and it turns out I almost did, but I forgot to hit "Confirm" or whatever to actually finalize the transaction on the website and so like a week later when I was wondering when my shoes would finally arrive, I checked the Piperlime website and found out that I actually hadn't ordered the Seychelles sandals and they were sold out by that point. Got it? Okay. So, then I decided I really needed some chunky sandals for the summer to go with skirts and dresses and whatnot and my tummy hurt and I figured what better way to cure a tummy ache than buying shoes? So I ordered these. They were 20% off already and then I had a coupon code for another 20% off and shipping was free, so I bought them. And then I took a Pepto Bismol, and you know what? My stomach stopped hurting. So see? See Chris? Buying shoes does cure a stomach ache.

Oh yeah, the shoes also come in green and I adore them, but my size was sold out.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

So Worth It

I went to The Fresh Market the other day on my lunch break to pick up some shrimp for dinner and since they always have a great selection of chocolate, I had to check out their goods before I left. I ended up picking up these two chocolate bars from Vosges.

The Barcelona bar is milk chocolate with sea salt and roasted almonds. And the Creole bar is dark chocolate with chicory coffee and cocoa nibs. In other words, they were both heaven.

At $7 a piece, they're not the cheapest chocolate bars, but they were totally worth it. I'm dying to try some of the truffles they have listed on their website, especially some of the exotic ones. Mmmmm.....
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