Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More bathroom progress!

We made further progress on the master bathroom this past weekend and although we have a few things we still need to do, we're now at a point where we have a fully functioning master bath!  Which means that when kiddo makes his/her arrival in the next few weeks, our house will at least be semi put-together and we won't have bathroom vanities in the guest bedroom. 

The floor is done, the backsplash tile has been laid and grouted, and the vanities are installed.  Next up we have to scoot the light fixtures up a few inches in order to make room for the medicine cabinets.  We also have to do a little caulking and put up the baseboards and we're done!  So much for a quick little project! 



Such a weight off our shoulders to be at this point!  Ahhhhh....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally! Finished nursery pics

It's been awhile since I updated the ol' blog with new pics of the nursery!  We've gotten pretty much everything set up and we're about as ready to go as possible, which is good, since I'm now 36 weeks!  My gut tells me that this baby won't make his/her arrival until 39 weeks, but I was a Girl Scout and I like to be prepared. 

After I spotted the Melissa and Doug oversized stuffed giraffe, we ended up with an unintentional giraffe "theme" of sorts, so I just kind of went with it without going overboard, cuz Lord knows I hate cutesy "theme-y" rooms.  All of the elements in the room were chosen with the intention of a) being gender neutral, and b) growing with this baby, so we don't have to redecorate in 2 or 3 years just because the kiddo outgrows stuff.  I also wanted a pretty room because I know that I'll be spending my fair share of time in there and I like to look at pretty things. 

Anyway, without further ado, here's the finished nursery!  (Sources below.)

I'm in love with the gold pouf.  It was a bit extravagant, but I think it kind of makes the whole room come together.  Plus, it's so versatile and can be used in any room in the house, so it'll get a lot of use.  (Can you tell I'm still justifying that purchase?)

The pillow fabric was leftover from when I recovered the dining room chairs last year.  I loved the Chaing Mai fabric that I used in my original inspiration board, but at like $200 a yard, that wasn't going to happen.  I needed a fabric to tie in the orange and blue and it was free! 

My good friend Kate sent me this awesome nightlight for my baby shower!  Is it not the cutest thing ever???  I'm in love with it.

See that cute baby in the picture frame?  Guess who it is?  (Hint: it's me.)

I picked up the giraffe on sale last week and I'm in love with him.  His name is Kyle.  The crib "skirt" is made of leftover fabric from the glider.  I used velcro to adhere it to the mattress support so it could be easily removed for cleaning. 

The crib rocks my world.  It's absolutely gorgeous and made in the US out of real sustainable hardwood!  (No MDF or anything.)  We also bought the toddler rails and the adult bed conversion kit, so it will eventually convert to a full size bed for kiddo.  It was a little bit more money upfront, but when we factor in the number of years we'll get out of it, it'll be cheaper in the long run.

Finally, the opposite side of the room.  I was originally going to use the baby animal prints from my inspiration board, but they ended up being a bit out of budget when all was said and done.  The giraffe print was purchased at 20% off, which made it super reasonable. 

Also, that thing on the floor between the dresser and the crib is a medicine cabinet for the master bath, which obviously won't stay on the floor forever.

And now for the sources:

Crib, Baby's Dream Legendary
Rug, Martha Stewart Living Chrysanthemum rug in Wrought Iron
Curtains, Ikea Lenda
Dresser, Ikea Edland
Bookshelf, Ikea Smadal
Giraffe print, Z Gallerie
Fabric, Celerie Kemble Betwixt
Large stuffed giraffe, Melissa and Doug
Gold pouf, Furbish
Giraffe nightlight, Jonathan Adler
Paint colors, Martha Stewart's Wrought Iron (navy) and Heavy Cream
Mirror and lamps, HomeGoods
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