Monday, February 28, 2011

OMG I hate red now

So I painted the front door this weekend and let me just tell you:  if you ever have the inclination to paint a door red, don't do it.  Even if you love red, pick another color.  Seriously it is a pain. in. the. ass.


ANYWAY, here's the Before with a boring green door:

I tested two colors (Barn on the left and Ladybug on the right) to see which I liked best.  Ladybug won out.

So I removed the hardware, sanded and rolled the red paint onto the flat parts.  See how I wrote that in one sentence?  Yeah, it took FOR. FREAKIN. EVER.  Removing the hardware took about an hour when one of the handle's screw heads broke off the screw and Chris had to dig/drill it out.  There was some swearing involved.  Then as I was sanding, the old paint kept flaking off and being a pain, so THAT took twice as long as I had planned. 

Anyway, painting those little crevices around those six panels was a horrible, horrible pain in the ass and I'm still not totally in love with how it turned out.  Oh well--after 5 coats, I'm saying good enough!  Also, when I detached the door handles, I gave it a quick coat of matte black spray paint.  The handles were in good shape, but just ugly, rusty, grungy brass.  I liked the shape too, and a $3 can of spray paint did the job perfectly. 

Then it came to putting the lock back ON.  Had we been paying attention when we removed it, it wouldn't have taken long, but we finally got it figured out.  Lesson learned!

Anyway, here it is! 

We'll also put a door knocker and the house numbers on the door sometime this week.  We also plan to paint the shutters black and do some power washing and hedge clipping this spring and I think it'll really look good.

Also this weekend:  Chris made this for breakfast on Sunday morning.  Ridiculous.  It was damn good too.

Hope you had a great weekend! 


Natalie said...

I think your door looks great Red! It adds a nice pop of color, but it did not sound like a fun job.

Sleepwalker said...

The door rocks.

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