Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I ended up with

Remember my Friday shopping list?.  Unfortunately, I didn't end up with these and no rich benefactor came through:

I didn't end up with this rug either (it was sold out):

But I did get this one instead:

I'm excited to see how it'll look in the dining room.  It's a formal dining room with a fairly formal looking dining room set, but I don't want the room to feel formal (we're not really like that), so bringing in some casual accessories, like the sisal rug will hopefully keep the room from feeling stuffy.  Ya know?

Speaking of dining room accessories, here's what I got Chris for Valentine's Day:

And on Saturday I saw that Pop Chart Lab released another poster, so I ordered it. 

This and the beer poster will flank the window in the dining room and look super cool.  Photos to come.  Still need to decide on a paint color for that room.  Decisions, decisions...

By the way, Pop Chart Lab has some other really cool posters.  These two are my other faves:

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