Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Year Later: The Upstairs

I've promised Befores and Afters of the whole house and I promise I'm going to do the whole thing.  It's just that A) that's a LOT of photos for one post, B) I still have a few more photos to take and C) I'm really warm and cozy under a blanket with my soy milk and Girl Scout cookies (shortbreads, if you're wondering) and I just really don't feel like getting up.

So.  All that is to say that today you're going to get Befores and Afters of just the upstairs.  Which is admittedly the least furnished space in the whole house.  Oh well.

Bonus Room

Beige and generally unfinished-feeling.  After painting what feels like MILES of baseboards and trim, here's where we're currently at:

Same room, different angle:

Things to do:
  • Ummm...clean?
  • Get some real furniture
  • Get a decent tv
  • Paint those weird little cut-out windows to the storage room
  • Hang some artwork.

Sewing Room

When we first moved in, this room was going to be an office for Chris, but because it's on the opposite side of the house as the air handler, it gets quite warm in the summer, so he let me have the room.  There is no door to the room, so it'll never be a bedroom and someday if I need a more formal office space, this will be it, but for now it's a multi-purpose craft/sewing room.

I painted the trim, created a peg board, painted the walls, re-did the chair, recovered a cork board, and made a table cover out of a canvas drop cloth and ta-da!  The photos make the walls seem blue-er (blue-r?) than they are--they're actually a dark gray (MS Cement Gray, if you're wondering).

To do:
Organize the small closet to maximize the space
Add a small flat screen tv with a built-in dvd player so I can do video workouts in here
Potentially add a small settee, if it doesn't take up too much room

Upstairs Bathroom

Then off to the side of the sewing room is the World's Weirdest Bathroom:

See?  I wasn't lying.

In one particularly productive weekend, I painted it high gloss navy blue (Martha Stewart Wrought Iron), added a little nightstand that I refinished, and ditched the flowery weird shower curtain in favor of a plain white one (which admittedly still needs a bit of work.)

To do:
Fix the shower curtain
Swap out the toilet for a white, high efficiency one

Upstairs Bedroom

On the complete opposite end of the house from the bathroom is this bedroom:

Again, it was beige and felt unfinished.  I have no idea what the former owners had hanging all over the walls (and ceilings), but there were a gajillion (technical term, there) teeny tiny holes in the walls all over the place.  So, I patched the holes, painted the baseboards and trim, and painted the room.  Because this is the only bedroom on the second floor and because it's on the other end of the house as the bathroom, this will never be anyone's permanent room, so I went a little bold with the color and chose Martha Stewart's Butterscotch.

I like it quite a bit better already.

To do:
Get twin beds and some bedding
Hang artwork
Organize junk
Make new curtains

There's still a lot of work to be done in the upstairs, but we're slowly but surely plugging away at it.  I'm really pleased with the progress we've already made and now that the painting's done, the rest should be fun!

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