Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another productive weekend!  Whew!

Our upstairs bathroom gets used the least.  Mostly because we don't use the bedroom upstairs and we mostly live in the first floor of the house.  And also because that bathroom is was really, really ugly:

My dad likened it to an airplane bathroom and I can't say I disagreed: it was beige, small and no frills.

I'd been wanting a really dark room ever since we moved and inspired by this image from Lonny magazine, I ran the idea by Chris, who approved, then we went for it.

I loved the green garden stool in the room above, but I needed a bit more storage in this bathroom since there was none, so on Friday during my lunch break I purchased this little nightstand and figured it'd be perfect:

Some sanding, primer, paint (Martha Stewart Hummingbird Blue), and a little Brasso and we were in business:

Then it was time to prep and paint the walls, which got two coats of Martha Stewart's Wrought Iron paint (a dark navy blue) in a high gloss finish, so the light would reflect as much as possible in this tiny space.  Then a few finishing touches, and the bathroom is pretty much done in less than 48 hours!  Ta da!

The shower curtain still needs to fine tuning, but to be honest, I'm wiped out.

And what's a blog post without a cat picture?  Grizabella Windexed the mirror when we were done:

All clean!


April M. Kappler said...

ooohhh! love the shelton's find! love love love.

Sleepwalker said...

Quite a transformation. I like the navy blue walls. Tim asked me just this very morning if I wanted to paint our bathroom, but I got squeamish and said no :/.

I wonder why they put a white sink and a beige toilet in that bathroom?

I Have To Have It said...

Thanks April!

Yeah, I'm not sure why there's a white sink and a beige toilet in the same bathroom, Kathy. But there's a lot of things I don't understand about that room...

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