Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I promised a before/after post on my sewing/craft room a few weeks ago and never got around to it.  Apologies.  I know you were waiting with bated breath.  You can exhale now.

Here's the before, when we had just moved in back in March:



I created some cute bulletin boards.



I also created a peg board for my tools and sewed a table skirt made out of a canvas drop cloth:

Then it was time to paint!  After priming and painting the baseboards (below), 

I indulged myself in a little 7th grade style tagging:

and finished painting the walls with Martha Stewart's Cement Gray.  After the painting was done, it was time to hang stuff on the walls and move furniture in.  I'll eventually put in some bigger bench or seating area, but for now, this is the end result:

I sewed the pillows myself and in order to get the most bang for my buck, I made the backs of the pillows with remnants of the canvas drop cloth.

All my supplies are in one spot!  Even my wrapping paper!  Huzzah!

Here's the view from the room into the bathroom.  I love the gray and the navy together.  To the left is another closet that's storing paper, fabric and a bunch of other crap.

So!  What do we think?


April M. Kappler said...

invite me over for crafting extravaganzaaaa!!!!

I Have To Have It said...

Yes! We will have to have a crafting extravaganzaaa!!! We'll make plans as soon as my life calms down a little bit.

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