Thursday, July 1, 2010

Craft Room Stuff

I've always wanted a craft room and when we moved into the new house I was super duper excited that I finally got to have a room that I can use for sewing, jewelry making and other stuff...okay...scrapbooking...there, I said it.

In the old house, I usually tackled my projects in the breakfast nook.  I'm not exactly known for finishing craft projects in a timely manner (my attention span is about that of an 8 year old), which meant that I'd often leave beads, thread, pins, fabric and other crap on the table.  Chris loved this. 

So, now I've got my own craft room and I wanted it to look cute and be organized.  So I painted a pegboard with Martha Stewart's Persimmon Red (same as the bentwood chair).

One of those cheapie plastic folding tables serves as my sewing table, but since those tend to lack character, I figured I'd dress it up a bit with a table cloth and skirt.  I didn't want to spend a lot or use any really nice fabric, since this is bound to get messed up eventually.  Enter a canvas painters drop cloth.  Total:  $9 for two.  I cut and sewed a top and sides and then hemmed a front piece and attached it to the front with velcro so I could remove it easily. 

I think eventually I'll add some pretty trim to the bottom.

Since these pictures were taken, I've moved everything out of this room and into another room that's better suited.  This room will just be storage and it's going to be AWESOME when we're done organizing it.

Anywho, I'll post pics of the sewing/craft room tomorrow.  But for now, here's the color scheme, all taken from colors in the fabric:


April M. Kappler said...

i would LOVE for you to come show me how to use my sewing machine...i have some very simple curtain projects that i'll bet we could knock out if you could help! (haven't bought fabric yet...but in the next two months)

:) adorable color scheme!

I Have To Have It said...

I'll TOTALLY help! I mean, I think my sewing confidence far exceeds my actual abilities, but I can probably show you how to use your machine, and if not, I'm good for moral support. :)

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