Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday

I wander around my house lately and I'm astonished in some respects that we're not further along with everything after living here a full year.  But then I realize that that *might* have to do with the fact that I can't seem to focus, so as a result, I have a lot of half-finished rooms.  I promised myself that I wouldn't do that with this house, but such is life, right? 

Anyway, lately I've been thinking about getting new bedding in our guest room.  I don't mind what's in there now, but it's all very red: 

I just want a little more color in there, so I can keep the whole house color scheme going a bit.  This room just feels like the odd man out, as it is, you know?  If I could find bedding with some navy blue and some red so that the red desk still fits in, I'd be a happy girl.

I've found some bedding at Anthro that might work.

I kind of love this last one, the Dynamic Ikat.  I know ikat's been all over the design blogosphere for awhile now, but I dunno--this just seems happy and fun.  It doesn't pull in any navy, but it pulls in orange and some teal and those could be really fun to work in with the red.  Add in a really fluffy white rug, paint the walls the same gray as the hallway, and we'd be pretty good to go!


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