Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New House, New Color Palette

Since moving into this house back in March, I've been struggling with how to decorate.  This is mainly due to the fact that it's more of an open floor plan than the last house, so I want rooms to feel like they flow into one another instead of feeling disjointed.  The easiest way to achieve a cohesive look is through a cohesive color palette and I love pretty much all colors, it's been difficult to narrow things down.

Then a few weeks ago, the fine folks over at Young House Love posted about the new color palette for their new house.  Inspired, I hit up the paint swatches and started figuring it out.  The paint swatches are all from Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot and the colors don't necessarily reflect paint colors that I'm going to use, but they're more just a tool to help me visualize things.

So, here are the neutrals:

From left to right:  Heavy Cream, Chinchilla, Cement Gray

And the colors:

Left to right:  Pencil, Persimmon Red, Butterscotch, Hummingbird Blue, Claret, Wrought Iron

All together now!

Looks a little much, doesn't it?  Here comes the fun part: mixing and matching.

Here's one palette that I used for the upstairs bathroom:

Heavy cream, butterscotch, hummingbird blue, wrought iron

Switch out the Butterscotch and replace it with Persimmon Red and you have a sophisticated little girl's room:

 Take out the Persimmon and insert Claret and here's a striking living room:

 Pencil, Wrought Iron and Chinchilla becomes a cute little boy's room:

Chinchilla, Cement Gray and a bit of Butterscotch and here is what I want for our master bedroom:

 Cement Gray, Claret, Wrought Iron and Heavy Cream reminds me a bit of airline colors, but with some shiny brass accents, this and either the blue or red in small doses, this could work.

This is fun:
Wrought Iron, Persimmon Red, and Hummingbird Blue

Adding Pencil and Cement Gray and here's a pretty bathroom:

So there you have it.  There's still room for playing around, but zeroing in on the colors will help me focus a bit more, plus it'll hopefully mean that I can move accessories from one room to another to keep things fresh and new.  Also, to help me remember the colors, I've punched a hole in each card and put them on a ring and I'm keeping them in my glove compartment for easy access when I'm shopping. 



Sleepwalker said...

I was born with a complete mental block for this sort of thing, so kudos to your adeptness with the color wheel. The combos are nothing I could ever think up in a million years. But they look sophisticated enough to be fresh for years.

christie said...

I love this! I've been catching up on my Google Reader and came across this post (clearly, I'm behind on my reading). Since I just moved into a new house, I'm working on a color palette, too. I love how you chose your colors and mixed them up. And pretty combinations, too!

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