Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Living Room Update!

As I think I mentioned, a few weekends ago my mom came out to help me paint the living room.  We took it from a weird green color (and the only green room in the house) to a relaxing and calming cream.  Okay, so I know painting a room cream isn't exactly ground-breaking or super exciting, but it was a big step in the right direction and now the room looks like it belongs in the rest of the house.


After painting, we changed the layout of the room by moving the bookshelves to the main wall and putting the secretary desk against one of the side walls.  The enormous red chair will be Craigslisted soon (thank God!) and in its place I'll put two side chairs or wingbacks (whichever I can find on Craigslist).  Doesn't the room look better?

Speaking of Craigslist, check out what we got this past weekend! 

As soon as I pick out some fabric, we'll have it reupholstered.  I'm thinking something kinda funky in a saturated color--like navy velvet--to offset the more traditional shape.  One of the best parts about the sofa was that the sellers lived about 3 miles away, so they delivered it for us!  Score!

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