Friday, December 31, 2010

Outfit of the Week and Week Recap and Happy New Year!

I know this is totally dorky, but I used to take pictures of my outfits all the time.  Don't make fun of me--I find that getting dressed can be a creative expression and taking and posting pictures of my outfits kind of forces me to get out of a rut.  Plus it also helps me realize what looks good and what doesn't, because frankly mirrors can be a bit deceiving and there's nothing quite like seeing what you look like to other people.

All of which is to say that I'm going to start trying to take an Outfit of the Week photo once a week.  Here's what I wore yesterday:

Jacket:  Ann Taylor Loft
Shirt:  Anthropologie from yeeeeeeeeeeears ago
Jeans:  Ann Taylor Loft
Boots:  Banana Republic (2 or so years ago)

The necklace is a combination of three pendants that I've had for awhile.  One is a gold heart, another a gold star and the other a ruby, all of which were gifts from my parents over the years!  Thanks guys! 

In other news, my hair is getting long and I may not have made the bed yesterday morning.  Sorry mom!

This week we also celebrated our 7th (whaaaaa?!?!) wedding anniversary and I have tomorrow off work, so I plan on doing lots of cooking and house work.  We're not much for big New Years celebrations, so it'll be a low-key night at home with lots of champagne and some good food.  I'm looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has a very happy (and safe!) New Years's celebration.  May 2011 be filled with much happiness for you.


Blondie said...

Have a very happy new year!

I love your boots. Great outfit!

scott said...

and a belated Happy Anniversary to you two.

Ellen World said...

happy new year

I loved your match dresses, blazer, boots

everysingle thing until ur necklace looks greats

may I suggest u sumthin????

ur hair style is too feminim....

may be it will be better if ur hair was tied up ...

sorry just my dump opinion

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