Monday, December 20, 2010

Painting, Painting and More Painting

A few weeks ago, I painted the hallway bedroom which will eventually be a kid's room when we have one (and no, this whole post isn't an announcment of any sort, so don't get all excited there).  I've loved the idea of a navy blue room since I saw this David Netto-designed bedroom about a year or so ago:

I love the look of grasscloth wallpaper, but figured that wouldn't be the best bet for a kid's room, so I used the high gloss navy blue paint leftover from the upstairs bathroom makeover on three of the walls.  The fourth wall will eventually be the same cream that's in the living room.

I found a great mirror at HomeGoods last weekend that will eventually get hung between the windows and the cream wall will eventually have a gallery-style art arrangement.  Check out our home's color palette and you can see I'll also bring in pops of pumpkin and turquoise (sounds weird, but it's not--promise).

So there you have it.  Tomorrow I'll post pics of the massive painting project from this weekend. 

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