Thursday, December 9, 2010

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Saw this picture posted on the Lonny Blog the other day and fell in luuuuuuuuuuurve.

I love that the look is on the masculine side.  I don't love frilly master bedrooms--it's a guy's space too, you know?  Anyway, the folks at Lonny did a fabulous post about how to create this look for less and I think I'm going to work on interpreting the look for our bedroom.  I'll pass on the wrestler photo, but keep the faux fur pillows for the fall and winter.  Obviously there's no way I can afford a Hermes blanket, but there are a lot of wool blankets out there that would fit the bill.

For the spring/summer, I'd swap out the fur pillows for some colorful crewel pillows and throw on a cream matte lasse (sp?) instead of the wool blanket.

This bedroom (can't remember the source) also hits similar notes.

It's warm, cozy, and masculine in a really good way.  Luckily, we're most of the way there with the master bedroom:  we'll just need some art, a mirror, and a few new bedding pieces.  Easily done for just a few hundred bucks. 

After the holidays I'm going to finish up the living room and then it's on to the master bedroom.  Wheeeee!

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