Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Desk Makeover: Part Dos.

Okay, so remember the red desk that I made over a few weeks ago?
To refresh your memory, it looked like this when I bought it:

Then I painted it and it looked like this:

Complete with Dead Plant:

Minus Dead Plant plus Fabulous Lamp:

Still needs a little bit of work, but the lamp is much more functional for guests than the clock, so it's progressing in the right direction.  Anyway, yesterday the drawers looked like this:

Wah-wahhh.  Sad.  When I was in San Diego I visited the Paper Source and got some pretty paper to line the drawers of the desk and now:

OMG it's a herd of elephants! 

Ha!  Just kidding.  You can relax.  I just Mod-Podge'd all the drawers with pretty paper.

And if you open all the drawers at once, it looks like this:

Better, right?


Anonymous said...

I was passing by and I saw your blog : wow! What a trip I had. I'll be sure to come back. Have a great day!



Miki said...

Clicking through other people's blogs yours seemed to be the only interesting one, so I scrolled through it, and holy crap, I love your desk! Awesome ideas. I've been looking for cool things to do to quietly decorate my home without being obvious about it. I never would have thought to line the drawers! Thanks! :)

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