Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Tuesday...

...and I have nothing remotely interesting to say.  I didn't line up a post last night, so here it is at 6:30 and the coffee hasn't finished brewing yet and I need to get ready for work soon and put something on the ol' blog.  So here are some pictures of what's going on in our yard these days:

Chris calls the above flower "Chlamydia" and now I can't remember what it's actually called.  It's something close to chlamydia, but that's definitely not what it's called.
We inherited some beautiful irises with this house.  We have a nice little patch of them and they range from yellow to magenta to purple.  These are the first to bloom. 

Our huge japanese maple got its leaves a few weeks ago.  I love this tree.

We also inherited a ton of lily of the valley with this house.  I love the tiny flowers.

Done and "Publish"!


eretria said...

I think your chlamydia (hah!) might be a clematis, from the looks of it. :o)

Sleepwalker said...

Bryan said there were trees and flowers blooming down your way. He asked 'where are the leaves?' as he walked up to our front door. It was snowing here two nights ago. *sigh*

Our Chlamydia is many weeks away from blooming :)

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