Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes, another cat post

You remember our cat, Grizabella, right?  She also goes by Griz, Grizzle Dizzle, and G-Money (and she responds to them all!  We got a smart one!)  Anyway, if you recall, she had all but two teeth removed about a year or so ago.

Well, on Wednesday we had to have the other two teeth removed.  Which means, yes, she is completely toothless now.  It's pretty pathetic, but hopefully this means she won't need monthly cortisone shots anymore, which she's been on to help control the infection and swelling.

And because I can't mention her on the blog without posting eleventy-thousand pictures, here are a few:

Kitteh tummeh

Precious Moments figurine-eyes cat

In't she cute?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I'm looking forward to temperatures in the upper 40s (!) and getting a few house projects done.  Wheeeeeeeeee!

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