Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Inspiration

So the other day I was catching up on the GOOP newsletters (I have a total girl-crush on Gwyneth Paltrow) and came across this post, which I thought was really, really good and just what I needed to read right now.  The Californian in me tends to be very easy-going about things and I when I get a little lazy, I can slide deep into disorganized territory.  Holidays and birthdays tend to sneak up on me, as do trips and meals, even though all of them happen on a completely predictable basis.  So!  I'm not calling it a "resolution" by any means, but I need to work on getting myself organized.  I don't want to spreadsheet-myself to death like the woman in the first post, but I think there's something to be learned from what she has to say, so I intend on setting some routines for myself and doing a bit of planning for the year ahead, including some gift-planning, weekly meal planning, and signing up on to track expenses.

What tips do you have to help keep you sane?  Any ideas you feel like sharing with me?  I think I need all the help I can get.

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Sleepwalker said...

I don't think I'd be as organized as I pretend to be without Tim. It really helps to have a partner in crime! And I have never set foot near any military branch, but for some weird reason I approach every holiday, large family dinner or overnight company event with an almost battle plan approach. I recon for supplies weeks ahead of time, give myself marching orders, look out for snipers, skirmish with dirt, and threaten to waterboard any cat or man who messes up the house.

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