Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh, you thought I was done talking about my birthday?...

...Too bad!  As far as my family goes, you don't just have a birthday, you have a birthmonth, so you might want to get used to it.  I got spoiled rotten this year, so taking off my tiara getting back to reality might take some time.

Anyway, Friday was my birthday and my parents came out to visit and took us out to dinner at one of my favorite places on the planet, Margaux's.  After a phenomenal meal we came home and opened presents.  Again, I got ridiculously spoiled.

For starters, my husband got me this beautiful necklace:

And my aunt Jenny surprised me with this beautiful peacock necklace that I had posted about here!  It's so pretty in person.

And my parents got me one of these, so hopefully I will have the skin of a 30 year-old forever. 

Then on Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over.  Chris made pizza and naturally, it was amazing.

He made several different kinds using the homemade dough he had made earlier in the morning:  bacon and broccoli (my favorite!); smoked salmon with ricotta, red onion and capers; cheese pizza with homemade tomato sauce; and brie, pear, walnut and arugula.  Like I said, it was amazing.

We had pretty much run out of time to bake a cake, so my mom and I went to The Cupcake Shoppe and picked up 20 cupcakes that were RIDICULOUSLY good.  The flavor of the week was peanut butter and jelly, so I had a part of that one and a carrot cake cupcake (my favorite)

Of course, all the food in the world wouldn't be much fun without some of my favorite people to join us:

My dad and my aunt Barbara

My mom and me

My ladies:  April, me, Steph, AnnMarie, and Jenny

It was the PERFECT birthday celebration in my book.

And for all of you who commented, THANK YOU for all the advice on my birthday dress.  My first choice was the first dress, but when I tried it on, it was awful:  completely shapeless, too short, and too pale.  So instead I got a different dress that I LOVE from Anthro (which happens to not be on their website anymore).  Plus it was on sale.  Score!  And April gave me the cutest little crown to wear with it, further reinforcing my visions of self-importance.

So, all in all, it was a FABULOUS birthday weekend!  Hope everyone out there in blog-land had a good weekend too!  Did you do anything fun?

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April M. Kappler said...

i went to a wonderfully delightful birthday party for the Queen of Super Gorgeous-and-Hot-Foreverland.


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