Friday, January 28, 2011

New Additions!

We have some new additions to the house in the form of plate and a decanter!  (I know this is earth shattering stuff, hmm?)

Anyway, when my paternal grandmother passed away about 25 years ago, she left me, among some other things, her china.  Since then, my mom has hung onto it and kept it in fantastic shape over the years and used it at all family holidays.  Since we're finally at a place in our lives when we can actually a) use the china and b) appreciate the china, my parents have started to bring it back to North Carolina (piece by piece in her carry-on luggage, I might add.)  Over my birthday weekend, they brought out 8 dinner plates and 8 salad plates.  The set of 12 also includes dessert plates, cups and saucers.  So, needless to say, this is going to take a few more cross-country trips.

Here it is! 

Yes, it's floral and a little on the feminine side, but I think it's surprisingly versatile.  With some green placemats and a fun yellow print napkins, this could look totally funky and modern, see?

I can also mix it up by pulling in raspberry, cornflower blue, and violet with placemats, napkins, taper candles, and glassware.  Not all at once though, obviously.

Here are the plates with a girly pink fabric:

And with a cornflower blue:

Finally, Chris was so enamored of the decanter I bought a few weeks ago that he went out and bought another one for our gin!  Isn't he a great husband! 

I love the design of it!  He did good!

All together now!

1 comment:

Sleepwalker said...

Very classic, old school.

I like the cornflower blue stripe.

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