Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Master Bedroom: A Work in Progress

Since sharing a photo of a master bedroom of my dreams a few weeks ago, I'm pleased to say I've made some progress! 

Here was the inspiration photo:

I also love love love these two:

They both have a just-right mix of feminine and masculine elements and a mix of light and dark colors.  They're both simple, relaxing, and uncluttered.

Then there was our bedroom:

Bland and dull and the pillows were way too girly (they were always intended to be temporary).  But the duvet had seen better days and I needed some artwork on the walls.  I got an inexpensive coverlet and then we finally got around to hanging the prints that I had custom-framed a few years ago.

Excuse the lameness of the photos and the ridiculously wrinkled sheets.  It's still a work in progress:  I'd like to get new sheets (pinstripe, I think) and some sort of bolster pillow and/or throw pillows (even though my husband hates them).  Eventually I'd like a new bed frame, but that's lower on the priority list.

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