Monday, November 23, 2009

Cat Update

Last time we checked in on the cat, she was just recovering from tape worms and had yet to go to the dentist.  That seems like ages ago. 

Since then, she's visited the dentist and instead of cleaning her teeth, they had to extract them.  All.  Except two.

See?  No teef.  She had a condition called stomatitis, which, from what I understand, is a bacterial infection resulting from an allergy to plaque.  She had no roots left on most of her teeth and apparently had ulcers running along her tongue, her cheeks and down her throat.  Not good.  The other two teeth will likely have to go at some point too. 

It was heartbreaking to have them deliver that news, but it was clearly the right thing to do.  Since then, she's obviously felt a lot better; she's a different cat entirely.  She's hunts our toes, chases the laser pointer and is generally in everyone's business at all times.  She's put on some much needed weight too.

She's had a hard time adjusting to the time change and is just now starting to let us sleep in until a whopping 6:00 am.  Ugh.

But all in all, she's adjusted to her new home very well and it feels like she's always been here.


Sleepwalker said...

Awww. Poor little silvery meow. What are you feeding her on a daily basis?

I Have To Have It said...

She eats canned cat food mixed with some dry food. I also leave a bowl of dry food out for her and she's able to eat it remarkably well--no chewing involved, obviously.

The Bohemian Teacher said...

The cat is just adorable. Hope she's fully recovered by now!

I Have To Have It said...

Thanks, TBH! Once the anesthesia wore off, she was pretty much back to her old self. It's amazing how fast well she's done. She's fully recovered and a much, much happier cat now.

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