Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

I just woke up about 5 minutes ago and my coffee is still too hot to drink, so please forgive me for the lame post and lack of photos.

We had a lovely weekend celebrating Mothers' Day with my mom at Lake Norman.  Gorgeous weather, some fun shopping (I got both dresses I posted on Friday--will share later), and a great dinner out!  We had to board Grizabella though and as nice as the place is where we board her, she still gets all out of sorts and holds a grudge.  This means waking me up at 3:45 by clawing everything in sight and then overtaking my pillow (annoying, but it's really cute actually), then knocking everything off my nightstand and batting my glasses around on the floor.  This process (claw, take over pillow, knock things off all horizontal surfaces) repeated itself over and over this morning until the alarm went off at 6:00.  I'm totally going to be on top of my game today.  Ugh.     

Anyway, as I said, I bought those two Loft dresses and they're both super cute and I plan on wearing one today.  Also super cute?  Baby ducks.  We saw a bunch this weekend.

In other news, my manicure still has zero chips.  I'm very pleased with this development.

So, that concludes my worst blog post ever.  I'll be back tomorrow.

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