Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting back to my roots

For many years growing up, I played the piano, even getting to the point where I was actually "good" and competed a few times.  I loved to play, but hated having an audience, and eventually an over-ambitious piano teacher who really wanted me to keep competing took the fun out of it and I pretty much stopped.  That was about 15 years ago and after that, I'd periodically sit down and play just for fun, but that was about it.

This weekend my dad came to visit and he and my mom had talked about treating me to a digital piano.  I had no idea these things even existed, so we checked them out and I'm now a total fan.  There's a built in metronome feature, volume control, a headphone jack (so I can play without making anyone's eardrums bleed!), and different sounds.  And it weighs about 80 pounds and looks pretty decent!  So, for what I want, it's perfect.  So, after a little research, we got this guy:

I can't wait to start playing again!  After sitting down to it yesterday, I realized I know how to play a C scale, and "Heart and Soul" and that's about it.  So I definitely have some work to do.  Good thing for the headphones.

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