Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Orange Bedroom of Deliciousness

So, I'm back.  Kinda.  My brain's kind of all over the place and I'm still having a hard time comprehending what happened.  I feel very...unsettled.  Unsettled and jumpy: my phone rings and I just about come out of my skin.  I'm hoping today will be better.  We're making progress on things, but it's going to be slow going--we're still realizing what's missing and trying to figure out what to do about it all. 

Unfortunately, in the robbers' attempt to steal valuable things, they mistakenly thought that our lock box would contain thousands of dollars of jewels.  It didn't; instead it contained stuff like our mortgage documents, social security cards, car titles, birth certificates, and passports.  We can get it all replaced, but it's just going to take time. 

Anyway, on to happier things.  This weekend I painted the upstairs bedroom.  I'd wanted to do that for awhile and just hadn't gotten to it.  Prior to this weekend it looked like this:

Oh my god, I did just show you that mess.  Sorry.  Bad, huh?

So, it's been a year and we haven't really done anything with this room except move unused things into it.  My dad taped off the baseboards and trim last time he was out here, so I primed (two coats) and painted (two coats) before moving on to the walls:

Then it was time for paint!  The walls got a dose of Martha Stewart's Butterscotch:

I absolutely LOVE it.  The curtains and decor are probably temporary, as I'd like to add cream and navy blue and maybe some brown, but we'll see.  Unfortunately, lots of projects are likely to get slowed down until we get the robbery issue taken care of.

Anyway, because I need some adorableness, here's a Griz:

Kinda out of focus, but she still cracks me up.  She's a trooper.


shey said...

Sigh...I'm so sorry for the breakin. What an awful awful person who did that to you guys...I wish I could go down there and kick some ass(and help).

Looks like you put your energy into some awesome use though b/c this room is INCREDIBLE now!!! I cant believe what one coat of paint did! You know this would look great as a nursery... ;)

I Have To Have It said...

Thanks Shey!!! We're in love with this color. I think the color would be totally cute for a nursery, but since this room's the only bedroom upstairs, I expect it'll only ever be used as a playroom, overflow guest room, or as a slumber-party room. :) Plus, don't you need a baby for a nursery???

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