Monday, March 14, 2011

I love paint

So, in addition to Operation: Yard Cleanup 2011, I painted the dining room this weekend.

Ready?  Here's the Before:

;kjaf;slkdjf;skjd;ksjdf;lk.........sorry, fell asleep because it was SO BORING.


After taping up a bunch of color swatches, I picked one.  Thunderhead by Martha Stewart.

Ta da!  Here's the After:

What do we think?  Better, no?

I wasn't totally sure about the brown drapes with the gray-green walls, but I loooooove it now.

Bookshelf turned buffet.

I kind of want to paint everything this color, specificially the kitchen and our bedroom.

This weekend we also purchased a little cabinet to go in the corner of the dining room.  It was really hideous before but now it's not.  There's still a teeny tiny bit of work to be done on it before I share it with you fine folks, but that's coming soon.  Promise.  Kapiesh?


Anonymous said...

That is one GORGEOUS color! I think your kitchen looked lovely before, but now it's so warm! Everything seems to pop more. Great job!

Anonymous said...

dining room* sorry!

April said...

HOooRAYYY!!!!! love love love love love.

Sleepwalker said...

The room now looks like a cooling retreat from some steamy hot weather. It really makes everything pop, and looks great with all your silver and crystal bar-ware.

I Have To Have It said...

Thanks! I'm still totally in love with the color. It's funny how the color changes by the hour--it can definitely look green in some light and very gray in others. I want to use it everywhere!

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