Monday, March 21, 2011

Marbelized Paper

I'm not sure if I ever blogged about my secretary desk before, but here it is:

I bought it shortly after we moved in for a total steal. The wood has some water damage, but otherwise it's in great shape. I was originally thinking I'd paint it, but decided that it'd be a bit beyond my painting skillz, so I decided to leave it as is.  The more I've lived with it though, the more I've thought that it needs some pizazz, you know?

 The inside was just a bit blah and so I punched it up a bit.  For one, I got a new frame for this awesome picture:

Who are those two cuties?  That's me and my bff when we were in pre-school.  We dressed up after pre-school one day and here we are about 26 years later and still bff's.  Pretty awesome, right?  Anyway, I decided that a little more than a new frame was needed and that's where this marbelized paper comes in.  I got it for less than $4 per sheet last week at Jerry's Art-a-rama.

So I measured the height and width of each shelf and cut the paper to fit:

Then I added some clear mounting squares (so I could easily remove the paper if/when I get tired of it):

In less than 10 minutes, the secretary desk looked like this!  Ta da!

I added my knick-knacks and we're back in business!

Better, right?  Just a bit more interesting without being overpowering. 


OliveEwe said...

Loved to see this post about your beautiful secretary. It is identical to one my great-grandmother had in Illinois when i was growing up - except hers was a mossy green color. One of my favorte features were the hidden compartments! I loved hiding things in them when I was a kid.

I Have To Have It said...

Thanks, OliveEwe! Yeah, that secretary is awesome and I feel like each time I open it, I find more little compartments! I'll bet it was fun to play with that desk as a kid. Have you seen the secretary desk makeover that Eddie Ross did?

By the way, I love your profile name. :)

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