Monday, March 28, 2011

One Year: By the Numbers

As of Saturday, it's been a full year since we moved into this house.  And what a year it's been! 

We put the old house on the market in mid-January 2010 and were completely surprised (and totally unprepared) when we had an offer THREE. DAYS. LATER.  You can read all about that fun here.

But in all seriousness, we were really happy that the house sold as fast as it did.  We began the house-hunt in earnest and found our dream house about 4 weeks later (with almost all criteria checked off from our ridiculous list), just in time for a March 26 closing date.  Basically, we needed the money from the old house to use as a down payment for this house, so we couldn't move into this house until after we closed on the last house.  And we couldn't close on the old house until everything was moved out of it and it was clean, so that essentially meant that for several hours, EVERYTHING that we owned was on a moving truck.  And in my trunk.  And Chris's trunk.  And my parents car. 

And then, to make matters slightly more stressful, the people that were buying our old house were in the same situation we were in: they needed to be out of their old house so that their buyer could move in.  So pretty much this whole thing relied on this one person getting their financing, so that our buyers could get their financing, so that we could get ours.  Got it?  WHEW!  Oh yeah, and there was this little thing you might have heard of called the CREDIT CRISIS that was making lenders a bit jumpy, so the whole thing could have gone terribly, terribly wrong.  Thankfully, things went mercifully smoothly, save for my car getting hit at the vet's office. 

So, long story short, we moved from our little house of 5 and a half years:

Into this place:

We've had a great year here and although it's far from done, it definitely feels like home.

Anyway, I figured it'd be fun to look at our house by the numbers.

Rooms painted:  8
Rooms left to be painted:  6
Linear Feet of baseboard painted:  415 (there was a whole railing pain-in-the-ass that I didn't count, so I expect the number is actually around 500)
Outlets Chris has replaced:  19
Outlets yet to be replaced:  19
Light switches Chris has replaced:  42 (who has that many light switches?!?!)
Light switches yet to be replaced:  7
Pieces of furniture refinished:  3
Door knobs replaced:  13
Door knobs yet to be replaced:  3
Window sashes replaced:  18 (all done!)
Finished rooms:  2 (dining room and sewing room)

Tomorrow I'll have a Before and After of the NEW ORANGE BEDROOM YAAAAAAAAAAY!

(I'm in an all caps mood today, apparently!  Sorry.)


scott said...

Very awesome. Hard to believe you guys have already been there a whole year.

I Have To Have It said...

I know! When did that happen?!?!

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