Friday, July 29, 2011


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It's FRIDAY!  I'm taking today off work to catch up on rest and stuff around the house.  Between work and kidney transplants, life has been a bit hectic, so I felt like a day off is plenty justified!

On the kidney transplant-front, both brothers-in-law are doing great and will be discharged today and coming back to our house to recuperate.  My brother-in-law B who received the kidney has requested gazpacho at some point this weekend (he hasn't been able to have tomatoes for 18 months), so I'm going to go to the farmers market and pick up the ingredients.  If I can dig out my favorite gazpacho recipe, I'll post it here next week. 

I'm also hoping to swing by a fabric store at some point this weekend to pick up some fabric for curtains in the future nursery.  I'm thinking plain cream with some sort of embellishment, but we'll see if anything else strikes my fancy. 

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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