Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry about that hiatus there--I'm back now!  Last week was my work week of craziness and I'm happy to report that I survived!  Ninety-one hours, most of which was on my feet, did a number on my body but I held up pretty well overall.  Nothing a massage can't fix.

Yesterday was the kidney transplant and I'm also VERY happy to report that both of my brothers-in-law fared just fine and are now recovering in the hospital.  They'll probably be there until Friday or Saturday and then they'll make the transition to our house.  It was a fascinating thing to be a part of and in many aspects it reminded me of flying in an airplane: it's something that is mind-blowing in theory to most of us, but to the surgeons and pilots that perform their duties, it's something routine and actually rather boring.  And boring is not always a bad thing:  I think you generally want "boring" when it comes to surgeries and flights!

So, anyway.  There's a brief update.  Sorry for the lack of pretty pictures and house projects lately.  It'll pick back up again in the coming weeks as life returns to normal.  Thanks for understanding!

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