Monday, July 18, 2011


...I've alluded to the fact that life is a bit crazy at the moment (and thus this blog has become LAME lately), but I haven't really gotten into specifics.  So, here's what's up: 

1) This is my busiest time of year at work.  This week in particular.  Four 18 hour days back to back on my feet, high stress and little sleep.  Good times!  Thankfully it's only 4 days and then after that, the work pace will slow down a bit to resemble normal people hours.

2)  During this time, we're gearing up for Kidney-palooza 2011.  What the hell is that, you ask?  My brother-in-law, B, has kidney disease and his kidneys function at like 15%.  He's been on dialysis for about 18 months and while it's great in that it, you know, allows him to LIVE, it's not exactly ideal.  He's stuck at a dialysis clinic 3 times a week for like 4-5 hours each time and then feels like poop for the rest of the day.  So, he needs a kidney transplant and my other brother-in-law, S, is donating the kidney.  Yippee!!! 

B lives nearby, but S and his wife and four kids live in Michigan, so they're all coming down next week for the kidney transplant.  They'll all stay with us during the surgery and for a few weeks afterwards during the recovery, so we've been busy cooking and getting the house in order for the 7 (potentially 8 if my mother-in-law stays with us) additional people staying at the house for a few weeks.  We're excited that this is all happening and hoping that we can manage to squeeze in some Fun Family Bonding Time (FFBT).  I don't think any of us are entirely sure what to expect though, so a lot remains up in the air until we have a better idea of the recovery time. 

And then that brings us to the final item on the agenda and that is Item #3:

Yep.  I've stopped working out.

Just kidding.  In our biggest home improvement project yet, we're expanding the family!  Baby K is due at the beginning of January and we're super excited!  (Grizabella's super excited too, as you can see above.)

This has been by far the biggest reason why the blog has become lame lately.  While I (blessedly) got through the first trimester without any morning sickness, I was plagued with exhaustion and hunger like I've never experienced before, leaving me with no energy to complete any projects or really do much of anything other than lay on the couch and watch episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix (brilliant show, by the way), while shoving my face with anything spicy and then complaining about heartburn 20 minutes later.

Anyway, I'm into my second trimester now (15 weeks) and beginning to feel more human again.  I even mustered up the energy to put the second coat of paint on that ledge in the breakfast room yesterday and did a little yard work while the weather was nice!

So, in a nutshell, that's what's up lately around these parts and that's why posting has been a bit sporadic and a bit lame lately.  Once we get through the next few weeks, we'll start working on the nursery and hopefully be completing a few more house projects prior to the arrival of our little one!  I'll keep you all updated of course as we tackle all of this stuff. 



The Curmudgeon said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

scott said...

Jeez....if you actually had something else going on in your life, I could understand the lame blog posts- but clearly you have no excuse.
You guys are the best and we'll try real hard to be the most tolerable house guests ever.

eretria said...

You're beyond awesome, do you know that?
(Though, really, try and talk MIL out of staying in the house with you. You don't need the added stress.)

Also, even though I already knew about it, it's so nice to see proof: Baby K! So it's going to be a capricorn? Good sign of zodiac. *nods*

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