Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maternity Clothes!

What could be more exciting than maternity clothes?  (That is sarcasm right there, by the way.)  Right now I'm finding myself in that really awkward phase--I'm too big for a lot of my normal clothes, but some maternity clothes are still too big and I end up hiking my pants up all day.  Plus most maternity tops are swimming on me, since my belly hasn't really filled out all that much yet.  I think I've found what works for now though--maternity pants or a skirt, with a "regular" top or tee.  Tops that kind of skim the body make me look pregnant as opposed to just fat, so that's what I'm going with now.

Anyway, in an attempt to look somewhat pulled together and yet not spend a ton of money on clothes that I'll only wear for five more months or so, here are the items that are (and will be) the foundation of my wardrobe:

Target leggings, $25
Gap tunic, $55
Old Navy jeans, $35
Old Navy denim jacket, $33
Old Navy fleece hoodie, $12 on clearance
Pea in the Pod black skirt, $50
Old Navy white tank, $9
Old Navy black tank, $9
Target black pants, $29

Of course, I'll need to supplement here and there with some dresses and colorful tops, but I plan to keep my wardrobe pretty simple over the next few months and use accessories to keep things from being too boring. 

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