Monday, October 3, 2011

Where have I been?

Here's a clue:

Yup!  I had a quick business trip in South Dakota last week.  I had ZERO cell phone reception while I was there, so my plans to blog from my phone were completely thwarted.  Oh well. 

South Dakota was fine.  Not a whole lot going on there, it appears, but there was some beautiful scenery.  We got to see Mt. Rushmore, which is truly impressive, especially when it's lit at night.  The Crazy Horse Memorial was also quite impressive, although one does have to wonder when it will be done.  After 60+ years, this is where it's at:

They have a ways to go.  The crazy thing about Crazy Horse is how absolutely HUGE it is.  For scale purposes, check out the top of the horse's head above.  Those are tractors.  It's big.

In other news, this weekend we started tackling the master bathroom and I'm exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!  I need to order the vanities this week, but we've made progress in painting the walls and changing out the light fixtures and it looks much better already.  In fact, I not only painted the master bathroom this weekend, but also painted the guest/future kid's bathroom this weekend.  Photos to follow tomorrow.


Sleepwalker said...

Awesome. Crazy Horse is definitely farther along than when we saw it in '95.

The Local Tourist said...
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Alex said...
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