Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like little gems on my toes!

I treated myself to a pedicure this weekend.  I usually stick to shades of red or pink or go straight to black, but I really liked this color. 

(Excuse the red mark on my foot from my shoe strap.)  It's Essie's Dive Bar and it reminds me of sapphires:

I also treated myself to something else this week.  Hint:  it's in the photo above and I'm kind of obsessed with it.

Also, here's your weekly dose of Griz:

Poor cat--doesn't she look miserable?  I took her to the vet yesterday and she now weighs 9.6 pounds!  Yes, she's still a pretty petite cat, but considering that she was a scrawny 7 pounds when we got her and full of tape worms and had a mouth full of rotten teeth, 9.6 pounds is fabulous. 

***Also, this week I plan on doing a little blog maintenance: resizing old photos, recategorizing some stuff, etc. so bear with me if things get wonky around here.


gimme_emmey said...

I just got dive bar!! I love the color. Have you tried the matte about you topcoat? I think you would enjoy it.

johanes said...
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