Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Painted Bathrooms

I think I promised these photos last week, but the fatigue I had in the first trimester came a-roarin' back last week and I never got around to posting the pics.  Anyway, I painted both the guest bathroom and the master bathroom the weekend before last in preparation for a mini bathroom makeover before the baby gets here.

Here's what we were working with before.  (Ignore the "After" written on the photo--it's from my House Anniversary post back in March.)

It all started when we decided to install a new light fixture (sorry I don't have a "Before" of the light fixture, but I promise you've seen them before in your life--a bar with 4 round bulbs on it--not terribly interesting).  When Chris removed the light fixture, we saw the room's original color: Salmon.  Mmmm...

The new light fixture doesn't have the same footprint:

So I picked out three paint colors and painted some swatches.  We ended up going with the top one, Martha Stewart's Salt Glaze.  (Also, I'm pretty sure Chris thought I was completely insane, since he couldn't tell a difference between the blues at all.)

Since the bathroom is pretty small, it didn't take me very long to paint and now it looks like this!:

So, future plans include removing the vanity and installing a new one (which may or may not require some tiling work), probably getting a new shower curtain, and removing the mirror and installing a medicine cabinet with some actual storage space.

Pics of the master bath to come as well.

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