Thursday, October 13, 2011

Master Bathroom

So, we knew when we moved into this house that we'd need to tackle the master bathroom at one point or another.  The shower tile is dated and the vanity offers surprisingly little storage and is just plain fugly:

(Ignore the "After" on the photos.  Also the white balance is totally off.)

(This is much more indicative of the actual colors)

This is pretty much what the countertop looks like on a daily basis because there is NO ROOM anywhere for the stuff we use on a day-to-day basis: contact solution, vitamins, hair products, etc.  Those mirrors aren't medicine cabinets, so as a result, all of the daily-use stuff just sits on the counter and drives me crazy.

So, a few weekends ago, we decided to get started on this whole project.  Unfortunately, the vanity is a non-standard (and HUGE) 78" wide.  We'd either have to have a custom cabinet built ($$$), or put two 36" cabinets together and then figure out what to do to make up the 6" of leftover space.  Or we could get two smaller vanities and make them completely separate, which is what we've decided. 

Unfortunately, we don't think the tile extends under the current vanities, so we'll have to figure that out.  So far we've ordered the vanities and they're on their way.  The medicine cabinets arrived yesterday. 

Anyway, this is what it looks like now that the walls have been painted and the ugly sconces were replaced with some pretty new light fixtures:

I LOVE the new light fixtures and the blue wall color is a lot better than the beige.  This coming weekend is DEMO TIME!  Muahahahaha!  I'm getting very excited.  Goodbye blue countertop! 
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