Thursday, October 20, 2011

The state of things...

The master bathroom is torn up:

As a refresher, this is what it looked like as of last Saturday morning:

So, yeah.  We took out the vanity and on Monday morning my parents removed the tile floor.  That wasn't really in the original plan, but there were cracks in the tile, the grout was horrible, and it was laid directly on the sub-floor, which isn't ideal.  While it'll be more work, it'll be worth it to do it once and do it right.

We're not straying too far from what the old tile looked like--we'll be going with this hexagonal white pattern.  And the other day I picked up a bunch of different glass tiles to see which one we should use for the backsplash.  OF COURSE the one we liked far more than the others was the most expensive.  Of course.

The glass tile brings in the wall color, the white from the ceramic tile, the blue tile in the shower (which we're not changing for awhile even though I don't love it), and the gray from the vanities.  I'm super excited about our plan.

Also excited to get our house back to normal, especially since we'll have houseguests in two weeks:

Nothing says "Welcome!" like a bathroom vanity in the entryway.

The current state of our living room.  Yikes.


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