Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To: Make Your Own Bordered Bedding

There are a lot of bordered duvet sets out there that look similar to this:

I love the look, but my beef is that these sets are a) always a bit pricey, b) usually don't come in many colors.  But for less than 25 bucks, I made my own!

All you need is a solid duvet cover and pillow sham (I got my set at Ikea for $14.99 for a twin), scissors, a tape measure, pins, a sewing machine, and binding in whatever color you like (it runs less than $2).

First, determine the size of your pillow sham, then layout where you want the binding to go (eyeball it).  Once it looks good, figure out what your mearurements should be.  My pillow sham was 20" x 30" and I wanted the border to be 4" from the edges.

Place a pin to mark the four corners:

Starting from the open edge of the sham, pin the binding in place, making sure to only pin the facing side of the pillow sham (you don't want to pin the pillow sham closed, otherwise you'll sew the thing shut).

Again starting from the open edge, sew both edges of the binding in place.  Remove the pins and voila!

To do the duvet cover, it's very much the same process, so I recommend starting with the sham, because it's smaller and easier to work with and you can work out any kinks here before moving on to the bigger project.

The only other thing you'll need for the duvet is satin blanket binding, which runs about $7 per package.  For a full, queen, or king duvet, you'll probably need two packages of this binding:

Like I said, you'll follow pretty much the same instructions for the pillow sham with the duvet, pinning the corners like so:

Here's what it looks like when it's all laid out:

Just sew it all together and you're done!  The duvet's a bit harder just because there's so much fabric to deal with, but overall, if you have some basic math and sewing skills, this is a totally do-able project.  I'll share the final pictures tomorrow, along with the curtains I made.

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