Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey look! I made a decision!

I bought a rug!

That only took oh...FOREVER!  I don't know why I was so hung up on a rug decision.  I wanted something that was neutral but with some visual interest, and it was surprisingly difficult to find something that fit that criteria.  Once I did decide that I wanted this one, I waffled back and forth on the size.  I had originally thought 8 x 10, but then ohhhhhhhhhhhh...what if that's too big????  Then what?  Should I go smaller?  I finally went with my gut and got the 8 x 10.  Should be here in the next few days.  I'll be sure to take photos.

1 comment:

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

love it!!! great choice :) It really pays off to wait until you find "the one".

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