Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have an entire folder full of images I've clipped from various magazines over the years.  I've yet to scan any of these, so they're still in a huge pile in my sewing room.  While I was cleaning that room yesterday, I stumbled upon a spread from a 2007 issue of InStyle magazine from Ivanka Trump's apartment.  I remember seeing that apartment in the magazine when it came out and I still love it.  It's feminine, bright and colorful, youthful but sophisticated, and unfussy.  I have a few more photos in my file and I'll scan them in eventually.

Images from InStyle magazine circa 2007


Raina Cox said...

Oh, I remember that!

2007 - *sigh*

Back when turquoise foo dogs were fresh and clever.

I Have To Have It said...

Hahaha...yeah. The whole apartment still reads as fresh to me though, despite the foo dogs. I assume that she's moved since then--I wonder what her new apartment looks like.

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