Wednesday, June 8, 2011


You all are probably getting sick of seeing photos of this room, but oh well!  :)  First, before we get to the curtains, I'll show you the final version of the duvet covers that I made:

Still need to buy the actual comforters to go inside the duvets and hang those black and white photos on the wall above each bed.

Over the weekend, I sewed curtains!  Super, super easy.  I used the black and white damask curtains as a template and then it's just basically a matter of sewing a few straight lines.  I used 2.5 yards of fabric per curtain.  Oh, and the fabric?  $6 a yard on sale from $17.99 a yard!  Sweet!  They only had 3.5 yards at my local fabric store, so they called another store and placed an order for an additional 2.5 yards.  I had to pay $7 in shipping, but that brought the total to $43 for all the fabric, so I'm okay with that.

All together now!

Yes, it's a bit bold.  I kind of love it though.  We're currently getting it ready for some family that's coming into town at the end of the month, so I've gotten a clock, some nightlights, and moved a cute little lamp into that room.

Also, in other news, Grizabella's still very cute:

1 comment:

Blondie said...

What a sweetie, the little tongue makes me laugh.

I'm so envious of your home decor skills!

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