Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

As I mentioned on Friday, I headed to Charlotte this weekend to hang out with my parents and shop the Metrolina Expo with Eddie Ross.  We kind of had a ridiculously good time.  Eddie was fantastic and totally inspiring--he's a wealth of knowledge and has an amazing ability to take old things and make them look fresh and modern. 

Here's Eddie showing us some spectacular silverware.

Jaithan, me, my mom, and Eddie.  We're all totes bff's now:

So, what did we buy?  My mom bought this needlepoint picture.  I initially did not think much of it, but I actually think it kinda works well in their lakeside condo:

I bought this sweet little set of 24k gold plated butter knives (at least I think they're butter knives, but correct me if I'm wrong).  I just loved the feather handles.  I don't care if I never use them, I just think they're really pretty displayed in a vintage teacup.

My mom bought this set of silver plated champagne/dessert glasses for me.  I love the shape.

A pair of very glam crystal candlestick holders for only $10.

A beautiful set of 6 silveplate water goblets.

Two silver trays.  I have a feeling these will get used a lot over the years.  Everything looks better on a tray.

In other news, I have several bushes of these blooming in the backyard right now.  They have literally HUNDREDS of blooms on them.  So, so pretty.  I think they're camelias?  Again, could be wrong.

This coming weekend, my mom is coming into town to help me paint the living room.  It's currently a very wrong shade of green and we're hoping to make it correct with cream paint.  I'm very excited about this.  Pictures to come.

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