Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress Report

With two months to go til my 30th birthday, I figured I was well overdue for a progress report on my 30 before 30 list.  It's...uh...not looking so great.  But much of it is still do-able.  And a few things I've kind of lost interest in, honestly.

1.Take a photography class (Not done yet and I still haven't found a good place to take one.  Any ideas?)

2.Go to Seattle with the hubby (Done in April.  LOOOOOVED it.  We spent 2 days in Seattle and 3 in Victoria.  Such a fantastic vacation!)

3.Sell the house (Done on March 26.  Totally successful and gratifying, but all in all, it's something I'd be happy not ever having to do again.)

4.Run a 5k  (Yeah...about that...probably not gonna happen.  File this under "we'll see."  I'm a terrible runner and I'm not exactly in fighting form at the moment.)

5.Visit Las Vegas for a weekend (To be honest, I've lost interest in this.  I mean, it'd be fun to go with Chris for a weekend, but if it doesn't happen, I'll be perfectly okay with that.  I don't really want to spend the money on that right now either.)
6.Learn to crochet  (Hasn't happened yet, but I'm still hopeful.)

7.Watch all the Star Wars movies (watched all 3 original movies, still deciding if I should watch the newer 3)

8.Do 5 unassisted consecutive pull ups  (See #4.)

9.Learn Photoshop  (Hasn't happened, but still hopeful.  I've started to use Picasa, so that's a start.)

10.Lose 10 pounds (Or gain 8???  UGH.)

11.Start volunteering  (YES!  Well, I haven't started yet, but I've lined something up.)

12.Start a vegetable garden  (I planted a bunch of plants in the spring, but then nothing happened.  Boo.  So, I tried and I will try again this coming spring with hopefully better results.)

13.See the North Carolina symphony (We're going to purchase tickets soon!)

14.Watch "The Sound of Music" (Hasn't happened yet.)

15.Watch "Gone with the Wind" (Hasn't happened yet.)

16.Learn to make poached eggs (Done 1/15.  That was kind of ridiculously easy, actually.)

17.Read one book per month (so far so good!)

18.Read "The Hobbit" (Oooh!  Forgot about this one!  Must get on it.)

19.Learn to make a souffle (Not yet, but that'll be a fun weekend project sometime soon.)

20.Learn to paint my nails properly.  (Yes.  Now, if I can just keep it from chipping.)

21.Learn to play chess  (Yes!  My 8 year old nephew kind of taught me.  I'm still not good by any means, but I at least know how to play.

22.Learn to play poker (Not yet.)

23.Buy a new (to us) house (Done March 26!  Wheeee!)

24.Refinish a piece of furniture (Yup!  Done two:  my red desk and turqoise nightstand.)

25.Go to a concert (Saw Lyle Lovett in August.  LOVE.)

26.Blog at least once a week (HA!)

27.Build a chicken coop (Lost interest.  I mean, I'd love to do it, but this wasn't the right year for it.  We've been busy getting the rest of the house in order and we've both been gone too much.  Maybe next year.)

28.Stop biting my nails once and for all.  (Guardedly optimistic.  I haven't bitten them in maybe two months, but the temptation is there every single day.  Ugh.)

29.Pay off my car (Done in May!  28 months early!  Go me!!!)

30.Learn my credit score (Still need to do this, but this is easy.)

So, there you have it!  As of right now, I've gotten 13 done (ugh!) with a realistic 10 left to go, leaving 7 that probably won't get done.  All in all, I'm okay with that.  My 29th year isn't over yet, so who knows? 

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scott said...

Photography class, ideas/blatherings FWIW:
1) Take an online course thru NYIP (New York Institute of Photography)- highly regarded.
2) Join a local photography club in the area
3) Join an online photo forum
4) Any local colleges/universities with courses?
-- take a crapload of pictures, and study a crapload of other people's pictures- look carefully at what works, and why (analyze the composition, the lighting, how the subject is emphasized)...
-- "take pictures" constantly with your eyes & brain- really look at things around you.
you already do nice work, keep it up....

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