Saturday, March 22, 2008

Week Two

We're now finishing up with Week Two of the Apartment Therapy Cure. The tasks this week were to clean the kitchen from top to bottom; create room for an "outbox"--a holding place for things you're thinking about getting rid of; clear one surface in your house and use the outbox; and fix one thing yourself.

Yesterday I took a huge box of books to the used bookstore and got rid of a bunch of foam leftover from my reupholstery project, a bunch of miscellaneous junk, and my old laptop from college.

Since I had the day off yesterday, I sanded and started to repaint the old kitchen cabinet doors, which will be repurposed in the pantry. Hopefully I'll have those done tomorrow so they'll be ready to hang. It's only taken me like two months to get to it.

This process is helping me realize that I'm the Queen of Unfinished Projects. I have a lot of ambition when it comes to my house and I get a lot done. But I get like 99% of a given project done, then feel satisfied enough, and then stop. So as a result, our house has more than its share of materials for these unfinished projects. I'm hoping these 8 weeks will help me get some of those projects done.

Last weekend I was able to finally finish reupholstering my chair. It's not the greatest job in the world, but I think it looks better than before.

Before (it was a yucky green color and the fabric was scratchy):

After (I'd maybe like to play around with the fabric near the arms to see if I can get it a bit tighter):

1 comment:

Sleepwalker said...

It definitely looks better than before. Good job!

Wish us luck in cleaning out/painting our bedroom next month, a remaining pocket of junkiness, clutter, dust bunnies and 'I just don't like the way this room looks'.

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