Friday, March 14, 2008

Our trash collectors are going to hate us

I've decided to participate in this Spring's 8-week Apartment Therapy Cure. (I know we live in a house and not in an apartment, but I don't think they're going to kick us out for that.)

I didn't really think our house was in too much need of help, especially since we've remodeled the master bathroom and the kitchen, but when I took photos of the house? Oh. my. god. We have a lot of stuff. I don't know if it's because we've lived here almost 4 years, or because we have pack-rat tendencies, but we've accumulated a lot. Far more than I ever remember purchasing.

This week's tasks were to:

  1. make a complete list of repairs and solutions (see below)
  2. vacuum and mop floors (today's project)
  3. remove one item from the house and put it outside or donate it (I'm getting rid of my old stereo from high school and college)
  4. buy fresh flowers (done)
  5. sit for ten minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in for new perspective (done)
  6. look into Earth friendly cleaning products (done).

So here's our to-do list. A lot of this is not going to get done in the 8 week cure, but I'm hoping to at least get rid of a lot of junk around the house and fix some things that have been bugging me.

  1. Add hook to entry-way closet for scarves
  2. Finish reupholstering living room chair
  3. Buy a new entertainment center
  4. Declutter bookshelf in living room
  5. Refinish and install cabinet doors in pantry
  6. Sell books to used book store and donate the rest to the library
  7. Sell some cds and store the rest
  8. Purchase organizer for gift wrap
  9. Fix windows in guest room and office so they can be opened.
  10. Insulate attic pull-down
  11. Install new showerhead in guest bath
  12. Install crown molding in guest room and office
  13. Hem curtain in master bedroom
  14. Install bamboo blind in kitchen
  15. Install new screen doors
  16. Fix crack in wall in master bedroom
  17. Hang full length mirror
  18. Get rid of under-the-bed clutter
  19. Remove most tools and paint supplies from guest room closet

There is just a LOT of stuff to get rid of: old cell phones, books, scraps of paper, cds, half-used candles, etc. Our trash collector is going to hate me for this.


Sleepwalker said...

A commendable and impressive list. I think you two have the motivation to get all of it done.

And then I look around at all the stuff we have in our house after 10 years...

eretria said...

When you're done, do you feel like coming here and continuing?

Shey said...

Very inspiring Lindz!! You always post the best ideas. I've donated my old cell phones to women's shelters before - maybe they'll take them. I also just sent in my old Ipod and laptops from college to Costco's recycling program - pretty cool actually.

matzoball said...

nice! i really need to sit down and make a list liek that too.

Have you ever installed crown molding before? That's at the end of out (mental) short list of projects, but the thought terrifies me. Our house needs it though- what the hek kind of 100+ year old house with beautifully igh ceilings doesn't have crown molding?

Lindsey said...

Shey--I totally forgot about Costco's program. I should have done that when we pitched my old college laptop. I'll have to see if they'll take my super old Palm Pilot and old cell phone. I can't find the chargers for either of them. I wonder if they'd still take them.

Matzoball--installing crown molding is one thing we haven't attempted (yet). It looks like it'd be super easy, but everything I've heard indicates otherwise. We have two bedrooms and a hallway that really need some molding, but that's waaaay down the to-do list.

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