Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A domino magazine rant

There was a mass rant a few weeks ago on Decorno's blog (which I just found and now I'm hooked on) about domino magazine. It used to be so great when it first came out and still is one of the best home decor magazines around, especially for people that aren't 80, but lately it's gotten away from decor and instead has moved toward makeup and fashion and other stuff which most readers can (and do) find in other magazines (that do this much better than domino). So, the editor of domino chimed in on the rant and promised things would be getting better soon. So I was hopeful.

Until the magazine arrived.

I really wish I had a picture to show you. I'm not sure words adequately describe this spread and all its ridiculousness. There is a 3-page spread on organizing your purse. Not just organizing your purse, but "elegantly curating" it so that is "telegraphs both style and put-togetherness." What does this have to do with home decor, you ask? I'm not sure.

Then the article goes on to show "four impossibly chic ways" to organize your purse. Uhhh...okay....but do I care what the inside of my purse looks like? Not really.

Then they named the looks of the different organized-purse-combinations. So your purse can telegraph the image of a "High-End Bohemian," an "Executive Punk" (whaaa?), a "Girl About Town," or an "Art Student." (The introductory image unfortunately doesn't have a name, but the purse and its contents would set you back a mere $4,798, which includes a $3,275 Cartier pen.)

The "Executive Punk" look had me laughing out loud though. The descriptions of the items are particularly great. The makeup bag is "a posh stash for your smokey-eye arsenal--and even black nail polish." And the little pink notebook is "a neon holder for all your subversive musings." Because all the executives I know are super subversive.

I dunno. I just wish they'd move away from this bullshit and get back to what they're good at.


matzoball said...

my thoughts exactly. the mag has lost all sense of focus.

I would much rather the spread be aboout organizing the inside of my medicine cabinet than the inside of my purse... That would be relevant (and useful! I would love to open it and see organized prettyness instead of an avalance!)

Sleepwalker said...

Jeez, what would they call the inside of my purse with its ruptured ink pen, ink stains smeared all over my phone, a crumpled pic of a friend's baby, wallet that won't close, shabby-looking lip balm, lotion and lipstick tubes, foot-shaped Laguna Beach bottle opener, and all the other flotsam and jetsam in it? Alcoholic Writer?

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

yeah. I just don't see how there's that much organizing that needs to be done to the inside of somebody's purse. It's... a purse. There's a big open area, and a few pockets... the end!

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