Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two More Steps Forward

This past weekend we made progress on the bathroom.  Hallelujah!  As documented here, this project has been SO frustrating, but I'm starting to feel more optimistic that a) we will finish the project someday and b) when we do, it'll look great.

On Saturday, we spent several hours pulling up the tile (that we had just laid about 3 weeks ago) and scraping off all of the thinset.  We got the floor nice and smooth, swept, vacuumed, vacuumed again, then wiped down the cement board just to start with a clean surface that the new thinset would (hopefully) stick to:

During this process, we pretty much identified that the problem was due to bad thinset.  I think the bag we had originally purchased was just old; it scraped off ridiculously easily as a very fine powder. 

Of course, Grizabella helped:

Not really.  She napped on the bed most of the time and only came in for a final inspection.  We passed.

Then on Sunday, we got to work relaying the tile (that we had just laid 3 weeks ago.  Did I mention that already?  Sorry.  Just a little irritated about the whole thing.).  Since we had already cut the tiles to fit the last time, we just had to keep track of which tiles went where and so the whole thing took about an hour and a half to lay.  Chris mixed the thinset and acted as the "gopher" while I sat my 7 month pregnant ass on the floor and laid the tile.  Our system paid off:

The best news?  After letting it set for 24 hours we walked on the tile and...IT STUCK!!!  Choirs of angels sung, rainbows appeared, and puppies and kitties pranced around in harmony, it was so magical.

This means that we can pull off the wall tile this coming weekend, put the grout in, and if we have enough time, we may be able to reinstall the vanities!  We're getting there!


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