Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teal Room

My good friend Shey is moving into a new house soon and wanted some input regarding a bedroom that's painted a dark aqua color.  She wants see if they can live with it awhile before just jumping in and re-painting it.  Even though the color is bold, I suggested that it's totally workable if you add in other shades of blue or green, like sea glass.  In other words, don't fight it; just go with it.

I took the color inspiration from this gorgeous photo by Christian Chaise and the Urban Outfitters bedding makes it really easy (you could also use the photo as inspiration for a bathroom using this shower curtain).  Pulling in some of the colors from the photo such as red, yellow, and sand would give the room some more interest. 

Similar photo, 20x200
Chevron frame, Furbish Studio
Nightstand, Urban Outfitters
Silver pouf, Furbish Studio
Glass lamp, West Elm
Lotus votive, Furbish Studio
Jute rug, Pottery Barn
Paint colors by Martha Stewart:  Gypsy Moth, Powder Puff, Beryl, Sea Glass, Hummingbird Blue, Araucana Teal 

1 comment:

Shey said...

Oh my gosh I love this!!!!!! I actually love your whole blog and am now craving banana muffins and to hang out in your navy room with that kick ass rug! Love this - thanks for sharing with me!

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