Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nursery Ideas

I swear this won't become a baby-centric blog; it's just that for now, that's going to be the next room we work on since it definitely has an impending deadline. 

For the nursery, I'm going for a gender-neutral, cute-but-not-cutesy, non-themed room.  I haven't chosen the fabrics yet, but when I do, I'll throw together a board of some sort to show you the look I have in mind.  We'll be using the room that I've already painted navy blue and cream (I think navy is a beautiful but not often-thought-of gender neutral color) with the big crysanthemum rug.

As far as artwork goes, I'm hoping to get a bunch of these Baby Animal Prints by Sharon Montrose to hang up in a grid like so:

Here are the nine I'd like to get:

They're available here at Sharon Montrose's website and at 20x200.com (which has a ton of really cool stuff in general).

1 comment:

izzie brown said...

More nursery postings! Maybe I'm a bit biased, but I love your ideas so far. And yes, I am completely obsessed with the animal prints. We actually have the cow in our house.

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